Further Fields of Expertise

The law firm of SCHULZE KÜSTER MÜLLER MUELLER JANGL is a civil law partnership of attorneys. Besides our core fields of expertise in copyright and family law our services comprise the representation of individuals and organizations in all issues of civil law, in particular in the fields of:

SKMM Rechtsanwälte München Weitere Rechtsbereiche

Inheritance Law

+ Wills and testaments
+ Testamentary contract drafting
+ Statutory heirship
+ Probate and execution of succession
+ Settlements of succession
+ Inheritance certificate and estate proceedings

Tenancy Law

+ Non-commercial tenancy law
+ Commercial tenancy law
+ Drafting and negotiation of tenancy agreements
+ Termination with or without notice, intended owner‘s occupation
+ Termination agreements
+ Minor repairs
+ Litigation in tenancy issues

Residential Property Law

+ Owners‘ associations and the respective rights
+ Administration of real property
+ Litigation in residential property issues

Civil Law

+ Contract law
+ Claims, demands, default summons
+ Damages / compensation

Employment Law

+ Compensation
+ Warning letters
+ General Act on Equal Treatment (AGG)
+ Partial retirement
+ Employment agreement
+ Counselling of works councils
+ Temporary employment agreements
+ Bonus
+ Illness
+ Termination / Termination agreement
+ Severance schemes

Law on print and visual reporting

+ General right to protection of personality
+ Privacy right / protection of the image
+ Press law
+ Cease and desist orders
+ Revocation
+ Counterstatement
+ Damages / monetary compensation

Media Law

+ E-Commerce, M-Commerce
+ Data protection
+ New technologies

Intellectual Property Law

+ Trademarks
+ Unfair Competition
+ Designs
+ Names
+ Commercial designations
+ Domains